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All dvds are ready to be send out!



Apa khabar kengkawan sekalian? There are always good news and bad news.. for bad news, sorry.. it takes for ages for me to make and burn all video-DVD and picture-DVD, while my beloved dearest laptop were sent to Acer Service Center regarding faulty of motherboard and dvd-drive. Thank to Allah, I made to sent it there just in time before it's warranty ended. Took about 2 months there, and cost about nearly rm 1000, but i get all replacement for free... :)

Good news always come last..
All the picture-DVD and video-DVD of our class are ready to be send out!! But available via snail mail only.

Kindly, please update your full name and address to my handphone (012-empatenamlapan5929) or email (tigris_satuempattiga@yahoo.com, please replace those malay words to real numbers), as soon as possible.

But if you prefer to pick it up during our convo, you may do so but please inform me first... (kalo tak, jai x bawak kang...)

** ps: video-dvd supposed can be played at tv's video player, kalo xleh tu...kengkawang still bleh view kat pc ja..


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